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The project is a complex of structures, consisting of a greenhouse and a 'storagehouse' united territorially. The greenhouse complex is built in a biomorphic style, which simultaneously results in both an interesting architectural solution and 'closeness to nature'. The materials used in the construction were selected for their environmental friendliness and the climatic conditions of the region. All kinds of alternative energy sources possible for the area are used for the functioning of the complex. In addition, the seedlings are stored on the excavated land of the abandoned quarry, so there is no need to remove additional land. Reclamation of the quarry is also an advantage. By growing the seedlings, the project helps reforestation, which will obviously have a beneficial effect on improving air quality. The size of the greenhouse complex, the number of installations, and the number of shelves in them allow to grow up to 189,875 plants at a time.
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Salnikova Yuliya
Ignatchenko Polina
Tungusova Anastasia
Guryanov Sergey
Bureiko Vasiliy