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REWIND group
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Urban forest greenhouse complex
Краткое описание проекта
A unique greenhouse complex of urban type is presented, for obtaining planting material of various plants, which will be used both for the improvement of the city, and for the purpose of reforestation and the creation of urban green belts. The complex has incorporated not only the existing scientific developments in the field of greenhouse production, but the unique proposals of the authors of the project too. The architecture and design of the complex will modernly fit into the ecosystem of developing cities and can be easily modified for the purpose of greenhouses and winter gardens. The proposed modern technologies in energy and heat supply make the complex the unique ecological center.
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Akberdinova Rizoda
Azizova Daniya
Gorodetsky William
Uskenova Aida
Chumysheva Alina
Ғалымжан Айсұлу